Nancy van den Berg-Cook "Psychological crisis is often a call to personal growth. The human personality never stops growing and evolving. Sometimes we are forced - by our deeper selves or by Nature itself - to undergo painful life changes that leave us feeling lost and alone. But it is at these times that a new and unexpected path can be discovered, that eventually leads us to a richer and healthier life."

Short term or in-depth counseling for individuals

Nancy's focus is helping individuals to find their own path to solving problems and achieving personal growth, based on their current life situation and their unique personality and needs. To this end, she often uses C.G. Jung's system of personality types and attitudes (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is based on this) to help clients gain more self awareness and increase their self-esteem. She is a qualified psychotherapist, Jungian analyst, doctor of clinical psychology, and doctor in Nutritional Biochemistry; experienced in working with a range of psychological problems including depression, anxiety problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders, emotional eating and nutritional and body weight problems.

Relationship advice and couples' counseling
(together or separately)

Recurring arguments, misunderstandings and even broken trust in relationships can be improved using the double approach of discovering the underlying emotional sources of problems and clarifying the unique and differing personalities/characters of both individuals. Nancy has extensive experience working with couples and specializes in expat issues and culturally mixed relationships. Individual counseling can also be effective for relationship problems.


Family or parenting issues & therapy for adolescents and children

To help families or children and teenagers in crisis, Nancy combines her personal and professional experience with her training in infant/child development, the psychology of parent-child relationships, and family systems theory. Every family is an entirely unique and highly complicated collection of individual temperaments and life experiences. Honoring, understanding and even embracing the individual differences is a key to resolving conflicts or psychological problems in a family.

Jungian Analysis

Nancy began her study of the psychology of C.G. Jung in 1989. She has trained in California, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, earning her certification as Analytical Psychologist from the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), the international accrediting organization founded by Dr. Jung himself. She is a member and on the board of directors of the Netherlands Association for Analytical Psychology (NAAP). For psychologists following a post-graduate training in analytical psychology, she offers supervision and training analysis. Public and professional workshops and seminars include topics such as women's psychological growth and fairy tales, the role of personality type and attitude in the individuation process, and using fairy tales and mythology in psychotherapy.


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